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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Posted by Abi Webster on 27th Mar 2020

Have You Got a Spring Wishlist? You’re Going to Need to a Clear Out First!

While working from home right now has its disadvantages, it does provide the opportunity to do all those chores you have put off doing. One of the most effective ways of using that hour you would spend commuting is to spring clean your wardrobe! It’s the perfect way to clear out, freshen up and re-introduce forgotten favourites or welcome new trends, colours and styles!

Dressing should be easy and fun, not a source of stress. Here are the four tips that the  Lisa Kay Team live by:


To begin your wardrobe spring clean, split your items into three categories; keep, maybe and donate/recycle.

Next, take everything out - it’s got to be done, that way you can see what you’re working with and what new items you can introduce.  We say, make room for more shoes. Only keep items that you wear and is in good condition. Top tip: separate your wardrobe by type of clothing, that way it is easier to declutter.

Happen to have items in your maybe pile and unsure whether to keep them? Think about these questions; does it still fit? Do you feel good when you wear it? When was the last time you wore the item? If you can’t answer these questions, don’t let it creep back into your wardrobe!

If there are items in your no pile, ask yourself; Can I donate this? If yes, gift to friends and family, or donate to your local charity shop. If the answer is no, take to a clothes recycling point.


After you’ve decluttered, it’s time to put all your clothing and shoes back. Consider putting some into storage boxes if they are out of season, allowing more space for the clothing you currently need. The Lisa Kay team suggest organising your items by their category and colours, as this will make choosing your outfit more exciting. For added space, invest in an accessory hanger and shoe storage - we wouldn’t want your beautiful  Lisa Kay shoes and bags to be hidden away!


A wardrobe cleanse is essential to helping you maintain your wardrobe. You must feel comfortable with the styles you choose to keep or buy as they are what best fits you and the items that make you feel most confident. Having a clearer style will enable you to know what you’re working with and making it easier to choose outfits, whatever the occasion!

And… Enjoy!

Your ‘new’ wardrobe should be all ready to go for warmer weather after decluttering and organising but best of all, you’ll be able to find pieces to pair with your new  Lisa Kay SS20 shoes.

Make better choices when it comes to shopping and finding the pieces you need for the seasons ahead.

Team Lisa Kay xo

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