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8 Top Tips for Healthy Feet This Winter

8 Top Tips for Healthy Feet This Winter

8th Nov 2019

As the temperature decreases, your skin is left hot or cold. When your feet feel cold, it means the skins blood supply has been reduced to preserve heat. Here is our 8 top tips to look after your feet this winter:

1. Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry.

Wash your feet daily by using a gentle soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly. Make sure to dry between your toes and under your toenails as this will reduce bacteria build up as well as keep them warm. 

2. Nail Care.

Cut your toenails in a natural line but be careful not to cut too low, especially at the sides as this will contribute to ingrowing toenails.

3. Moisturise Your Feet

Your feet can get very dry during winter and although you might moisturise the rest of your body, people tend to forget about their feet. To help prevent cracking and dryness, use a rich foot cream on clean and dry feet every day.

4. Wear Natural Socks.

Socks made from cotton and wool are beneficial to your feet as they are naturally more absorbent and have moisture wicking qualities, which are important in the colder months due to wet weather and feet sweating.

5. Wear Correctly Fitted Shoes.

It sounds like an obvious point, but a lot of people wear ill-fitting shoes, which can result in your feet being confined and unable to breathe. The best time to buy new boots is in the afternoon. as everyone's feet swell slightly during the day. Always buy shoes which comfortably accommodate your biggest foot.

6. Thoroughly Dry Your Shoes & Boots.

Damp shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria, meaning there is an increased chance of infection. To prevent the risk of infection, we recommend you place your wet shoes in a warm, dry place - we advise against putting them next to the radiator as this can cause cracks and ageing in the natural leather.

7. Check Your Feet Regularly.

If your feet are a problem for you, it is important to check your feet regularly. Keep a lookout for any dryness, swelling, cracked heels or calluses and don't forget to check between your toes! Alternatively, book an appointment at your local podiatry clinic.

8. Treat Yourself to a Pedicure.

Although your feet go into hiding in the colder months,it is always nice to know that no matter the weather, your toenails look fabulous! So, enjoy a relaxing treatment performed by a professional. Read our sister brand, Sole Bliss' top picks of pedicure salons HERE!

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